Driving meniscus health forward

Project outcomes

Scientific publications

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Meniscus discovery series

The 'Meniscus Discovery Series – episode 1 ' is the first in a series of documentaries on the meniscus. It contains interviews, animations, patient stories etc. The series is aimed to address young orthopedic surgeons & residents. It has been created with the support of the MEFISTO project.

Project video

Listen to MEFISTO researchers Elizaveta Kon, Girish Pattappa, Peter Verdonk, Eran Ganz and coordinator Evelyne Hasler, introduce the project and its main aspects and features, with this three-minute introductory video.

Video contributions

Discover the different videos (interviews, presentations, science popularisation contest and more) produced around the MEFISTO project.
Elizaveta Kon (Humanitas University, Milan) and Jari Dahmen (Amsterdam UMC) talk about The MEFISTO Project and treating damage to the meniscus in the future in this 'ONtheGo' Podcast from the ON Foundation.
June 2023
Interview with Dr. Peter Angele by Dr. Philip Roessler, organized by the ON Foundation.
April 2020
Interview with Dr. Peter Angele by Dr. Philip Roessler, organized by the ON Foundation.
April 2020
Dr. Peter Angele presenting the future of meniscus regeneration at the ONstage event of the ON Foundation.
February 2020
Dr. Elizaveta Kon presenting the long way to Horizon 2020 at the ONstage event of the ON Foundation.
February 2020
Dr. Elizaveta Kon talks with the ON foundation about MEFISTO, at the occasion of the project Kick-off meeting, in Baden-Baden.
June 2019
This video was made by Francesco Gambaro, in the context of "Communicating Science" course of the Virgilio Program at Humanitas University, with the aim to present the MEFISTO project to a general public audience, winning the first prize for the best video.
June 2019

Project digital flyer

Our project digital flyer is a concise presentation of our overall structure and goals. It is printer-friendly and can be easily read on a mobile device.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 814444 (MEFISTO).